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Location-specific social media marketing, recruiting and reputation management outperforms “corporate” in terms of user engagement. We help you make this happen.

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Mike Simister
Domino’s Pizza Franchisee - Canada

Jessica Knox
Relationships Director at Domino’s Pizza USA – Team Daks

Alyece Smith
Digital Media & Creative Coordinator at Domino’s Pizza USA – Team RPM

Danielle Claassen
Domino’s Pizza Franchisee - USA

Engage social media users
with location-specific content

Location, location, location

In real estate "location" has been traditionally considered paramount. In today's business world the same could be true of social media. Location-specific (local) social media has more potential engagement than national (corporate) media content. It is closer to the user's needs, offers the human touch and reacts faster to change

Build a network of locations

  • Create a social media account for every location in your franchise
  • Connect it to your franchise hub
  • Start engaging locally and have your content shared with all the other franchisees within your brand

Quickly post to location groups

Post content to a single location or group of location with a single click. No need to switch accounts or recreate the content.

Create Social Media Content & Rely to Reviews with Link AI

Take the guesswork out of writing your social media content and let Link Ai our artificial intelligence tool write engaging copy for you!

When you receive positive or the unfortunately negative review, Link Ai will write personalized replies with your objective in mind. (Example: "save" a lost customer)

Turn on automated replies and allow Link Ai to read, write and notify you with a review reply specific to your company's objective.

Display your location's google reviews & stats to your team

  • Utilize your location's digital communication board to display live Google reviews
  • When customers submit your location's Google reviews your entire team can see what they said
  • Encourage exceptional customer service from your team by automating customer feedback displayed in your location in real time
  • Google Review Leaderboard allows you to rank every location by Google star rating within your company and every location within your brand

Receive automated posts created by your franchisor

Link all of your social media accounts to your franchisor's "official" corporate social media account and automatically receive content created by your franchisor. When your franchisor submits a post you will automatically receive the same post as original local content.

Ensure quality

Control what’s posted thanks to the post pre-screen function. Let the managers create the content and trusted supervisors greenlight it before publishing.

Learn from the best

  • Take advantage of best practice sharing
  • Increase collaboration with your brand
  • Inspire each other and soar together

Social Media Direct Messaging

  • Receive notifications & reply when your fans contact you via location specific social media
  • Receive notifications when applicants apply to your job offers posted on social media
  • Empower teams to direct message applicants instantly with facebook messenger
  • Track social media recruiting results

Start your marketing campaign with custom shorten URL links!

  • We give you the ability to shorten any link and assign to any location
  • Customize the "backhalf" as you want
  • Link click analytics to track results
  • Use your custom QR code in marketing campaigns & track scans

Integrate your Brand's Customer Care Cases with Linkasoarus

  • Manage your cases in one place
  • Assign cases to any employee
  • Receive reminder notifications until your cases are closed
  • Utilize analytics to optimize your case resolutions and improve customer retention

Knowledge Base

Check out our Knowledge Base! You will find tons of helpful and inspiring articles on how to get maximum value from our platform on how to interact with your social media audiences, your customers via their reviews and how to interact with your peers.

An all-in-one management platform
for your local franchise social media channels

Empower locations

Give each location a voice

Create & manage social media channels that match all of your franchise locations. Customize address, phone, email, location specific hashtag etc.

Link social accounts

Link all of your franchise's social media accounts under one umbrella

Stay connected

Connect your locations to your brand's official corporate social media page and use it as a source for quality content

Strive for 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Great Recommendations 👍

Send Google and Facebook Reviews instantly and automatically to your location managers, which will allow you to quickly respond to negative reviews resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Plan killer content

Schedule posts

Employ automatic post scheduling to various social media channels

See past & future posts

Use Post Calendar to see the best content of your fellow franchisees and use it in your locations

Automate quality

Set up your social media pages to auto-repost media from official corporate page as original content with your custom hashtags

Engage your audience

Localized content

Add location signatures to social media posts

Make it location-specific

Create a social account for every franchise unit and post location-specific content as it has the highest level of engagement from potential and current customers

Have one voice

Allow your top team to be the voice of local business

Supercharge your team

Delegate management

Delegate franchise social media management to supervisors and managers. Manage your team and set up a clear hierarchy.

Give power to performers

Let the location managers create the content. Employ your trusted supervisors to control content quality in all locations with ease


Collaborate and share ideas with other franchisees within your brand